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Re: Installation

From: David Walter
Subject: Re: Installation
Date: Sat, 13 Jul 2002 23:43:05 -0400
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Roy Falk <> writes:

> Greetings
> Installed the HURD over the past week from the debian cd, and I have to say 
> it was a breeze. (Tornado, demolishing houses and partitions...)
> I do have some problems and questions:
> 1. I am missing mouse,kbd and eth0. 
> Obviously the following won't work without them:
> settrans -c /dev/kbd /hurd/kbd
> settrans -c /dev/mouse /hurd/mouse
> settrans -c /dev/eth0 /hurd/eth?
> I'm basically stumped here.

Do you have the installation manual?

Are you missing the files /hurd/kbd /hurd/mouse  /hurd/pfinet ?  If so
then, I can't remember, but at least  one iteration of the CD's seemed
to be missing some  of these(mouse,kbd), IIRC, but  had pfinet. If you
have network  access you may  want to download[1]  (I can't speak to the
state of the latest CD's  others may help you with  them, as I haven't
used them, sorry, :-(

This  is a mirror  of,  which seems  to be  temporarily

Neal  Walfield's installation guide[2] is  the  clearest most complete
installation reference currently, in case you haven't found that.

> 2. I am beginning to suspect the installation did not install GCC and other 
> amenities. I am familiar with RPMs. I would appreciate pointers and links to 
> the relevant documents - Should I read the debian manual?

As a quick start, the command(s) apt-*

for higher level auto download and configuration.

(assumes that /etc/apt/sources.list points  to the valid hurd archives
see: installing more packages in the installation guide[2])
apt-get update # download the latest package list
apt-get install package
apt-get remove package
apt-cache search string
apt-cache show   package

for individual package installation, configuration, removal:

dpkg --help # for more information and the debian docs

> 3. "Upgrading" the Hurd

> How outdated  is the binary installation compared   to the source. I
> have  D/L  the source  (hurd.tgz)  from the  alpha server.  Should I
> upgrade? Will this help with question # 1?

Once  you are  using apt-get upgrade   you will have   both source and
packages pretty much synchronized, modulo update times on servers.

> Development
> 4. C++ - Is there any reason C++ won't work in hurd.  I am much more
> familiar with it. (I'd say yes myself, but I could easily be wrong)

C++ itself should work. Specific libraries may not have been ported,
but gcc3.1(libstdc++4.x) should be installable and work.

> Stupid git question 
> 5. How do I subscribe to this mailing list. Usually there's some mechanism...
> (For now, I'll read the response in the archive)

Answered your own question see below: 

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