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Hurd H4 CD1 with J1 CD2

From: James Joseph
Subject: Hurd H4 CD1 with J1 CD2
Date: 24 Sep 2002 15:36:34 -0000

I have been using Hurd H4 (with only the first CD). I thought it would be cool to download the additional utils in CD2 and am now downloading Hurd J1 CD2. (since i couldn't find Hurd H4 CD2 anywhere)

1) I wish to know if there is any version dependency problems, in using J1 CD2 image with my H4 base image?

2) I am not writing the images to CD, but mounting as iso and copying the file structure into a directory
I mounted the Hurd H4 CD1 in Gnu/linux, and copied the whole dir structure to /hurd_src (so, say the pool dir in CD, is /hurd_src/pool). Now in Hurd, i settrans my linux partition and dpkg the additional packages i need.

The problem is that i have to manually install the additional packages with dpkg, and thus can't use dselect.

=> Could someone help me with defining the correct apt sources (for using dselect) in my particular setup? I tried many combinations, but i just am not getting the packages listed in dselect (that i have not installed)

Thank u. (apologize for being long-winded)

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