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Re: Hurd doubts

From: Budi Rahardjo
Subject: Re: Hurd doubts
Date: Sat, 23 Nov 2002 15:30:11 +0700
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> =?iso-8859-1?q?Shyam=20Kumar=20Mangayil?=  ( wrote:
> I tried , and as part of the process installed GRUB.
> then I tried booting into single user mode.
> I waited for some time and did not get any
> prompt.  
> I pressed a key down to start keying in a
> command , and the system started to hang (panic) ,

It happened to us also. Here's what we did.

The Hurd installation (page 3) says:

grub> kernel /boot/gnumach.gz -s root=device:hd2s1

in our case, we figured out that we don't have to type
the word "device". So in our case we did

grub> kernel /boot/gnumach.gz -s root=hd0s5

Also we used the "menu.lst" example that came with grub on
our Debian Linux and modifed it to reflect our disk.
(Sorry, I don't have it handy at this moment.)

That is, we didn't do it through the command line
like the example but directly use grub menu.
It works like a charm.

When we tried through the command line, it didn't work
and just sat there doing nothing.
When we touched the keyboard, it panic exactly like your case.
Good luck.

-- budi

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