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Contact Needed…//

From: ndvnim
Subject: Contact Needed…//
Date: Tue, 4 Feb 2003 05:54:44 +0000

Let us submit on Japanese search engines, German search engines, Hispanic search engines, French search engines, Chinese search engines etc.....!

Reach all major foreign markets without having to translate your website!

International search engines submission is not about doing business with foreigners in their native language but rather bringing foreigners to your website to do business with you in English!

However, you need to have at least 1 entry page in French optimized with French keywords in order to submit on French search engines, at least 1 entry page in Japanese optimized with Japanese keywords in order to submit on Japanese search engines etc.

I strongly suggest that you watch our flash multimedia presentation/tutorial which is graphically self-explanatory while featuring our methodology in layman terms. It will definitely give you a clear idea on "how we do things" and allow you to project the benefits which you could receive from developing a true global exposure on the Internet without having to translate your website. Get full details on our free submission offer.

(Download time: 40 seconds average on a DSL/cable connection. Total presentation= 9 minutes and 35 seconds).

As it stands Internet users searching on German search engines, French search engines, Hispanic, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese or Chinese search engines cannot find your website! In fact, it probably has not been optimized nor listed accordingly....

You may request additional info by email at or visit our site

Test a few markets! What will it be? The German web? The Japanese web? The French web? The choice is yours!! Let's increase your Web exposure: reach "the other half of the Internet"!


Dulce Felix
C Y B E R D I F F E R E N C E  C O R P.
PO BOX 2735
TEL:1(905) 874-0147 - FAX: 1(905)-455-6574
Multilingual search engine submission in 9 languages.


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