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Re: Hurd-related research help requested

From: Niels Möller
Subject: Re: Hurd-related research help requested
Date: 12 Feb 2003 21:34:06 +0100
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Hisham Kotry <> writes:

> Not completely correct, There is code, and Jeff wanted
> to have a basic icmpv4/v6 ping-pong implementation for
> review on bug-hurd, I got the icmpv4 part done, v6 is
> in the works (it's supposed to use a libicmp6 wich
> will hopefuly be part of inetutils in the future, and
> is why I'm a bit behind schedule, icmpv6 is huge).

Cool, I didn't know about that! Is the code available somewhere?

> In short, we should take our time on this (it's not
> like everyeone's seriously annoyed from pfinet) to get
> it done correctly (atleast most of the main parts)
> from the first time.

I guess it's not trivial to get a design that is both nice and clean,
and gives good performance.


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