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A newbie question...

From: Veerapuram Varadhan
Subject: A newbie question...
Date: Sun, 16 Feb 2003 08:08:23 +0530 (IST)

Hi All,


I am a newbie to hurd programming.  In order to get to know things
better, i am writing a stack program which uses MIG stubs.  I followed
the server-writers-guide.pdf for the initial start and later came to
know that there is no explicit "nameserver" exist in the GNU Mach and to
write a server, i need to start it as a translator.

So, i started adding translator setting part to my server code.
Finally, i could see my server up and running in the ps aux output.

However, when i tried to use the stack-methods defined in the server
stub through my stack-client, it says "(ipc/mig) bad request message

When i gdb-ed the server, i found that the control is not even reaching
the demuxer.  So, i tried gdb-ing the client and found that the "server"
port which i get through the "file_name_lookup" call gets somehow
corrupted when it reaches the client-stub.

For example,

Let us consider,

file_port returned by file_name_lookup = 132

I put a break point in stack_initialize,

I am calling stack_initialize (file_port, &stack_data);

Now, the control reaches the breakpoint, when i look into the value of the
server parameter of the function it is NOT 132, instead some garbage is

I am not able to get any hint out of the happenings. :(

I am attaching the code with the mail.

Help me to fix the problem, if possible, with a detailed explanation of

1)  where and why i was going wrong?
2)  how to avoid it?


V. Varadhan.

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