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Re: Gentoo GNU/Hurd

From: Robert Millan
Subject: Re: Gentoo GNU/Hurd
Date: Wed, 26 Mar 2003 21:59:28 +0100
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On Wed, Mar 26, 2003 at 09:40:53AM +0100, M. Gerards wrote:
> GNU is confusing for most people.

This is the actual problem IMHO

> Not everyone knows about the Hurd and think 
> of the Hurd when they see GNU.

When i see GNU, i think of the Hurd, but also of Mach, Glibc, Coreutils, Bash
and maybe of Xfree86 and GNOME. A newbie user doesn't need to know that pieces
like Glibc or the Hurd even exist to get a concept of the system as a whole,

In the current situation he/she will make up a concept of the whole system,
but missunderstanding GNU, the Hurd will be associated with that concept.
If you look around you'll see hundreds of references to the Hurd as being the
whole thing, which proves that for some reason there is a deep confusion with

> I think most people think "why did they fiorget 
> the /Linux part?". Should people go to first, see they call it 
> Linux and not GNU/Linux and draw the same concusions as you did? 

I'm not sure what is the viable way to solve this, if such way exists. I was
just being communicative and sharing my POV on that problem with you all.

Robert Millan

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