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Re: [LSM/CHAIR] Re: Dates of LSM

From: Ludovic Pénet
Subject: Re: [LSM/CHAIR] Re: Dates of LSM
Date: 01 May 2003 13:08:49 +0200

Le jeu 01/05/2003 à 01:13, Guylhem Aznar a écrit :
> On 27 Apr 2003 16:11:51 +0200
> Ludovic Pénet <> wrote:
> > If you think that this problem is so big that organising a kernel
> > topic is impossible and you think that concentrating everything in
> > Germany would be better, please tell. We are - of course - interested
> > in all topics, but not at any cost. I prefer a good kernel topic in
> > Germany than an average one in France and Germany.
> Could we decide with Linuxtag team which topics will be developped in
> France and which one will be developped in Germany?
> We could have 2 specialized meeting, both with good topics but on their
> specific subjects.
I fully agree with you.

Best regards,


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