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Re: TCPA/Palladium (moved from OT debian-hurd thread)

From: Danilo Segan
Subject: Re: TCPA/Palladium (moved from OT debian-hurd thread)
Date: Wed, 21 May 2003 23:33:01 +0200
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Kurt B. Kaiser wrote:

Because of the big players involved, GNU/Linux could survive the
challenge (if it comes) and become a certified OS.  Or at least some
restricted version could be certified.

But the user base for GNU/Hurd is probably too small warrant a
certification effort, and if a certified version wasn't available the
user base would be so constrained that growing to critical mass would
take forever.  Chicken/egg situation.
Isn't it true that GNU (and consequently Hurd) wouldn't be touched by any of this? As Marcus already explained, FSF has always insisted on copyrights, so this should not be a problem for those actually using free software.

By the way, most of the users who call themselves "Linux users" are actually GNU users (most "desktop" users have not even seen the kernel, and don't know what it's for), and with appropriate tools they would never tell a difference between GNU(/Hurd), GNU/Linux, GNU/FreeBSD, GNU/Darwin or GNU/NetBSD (isn't someone starting this project in Debian?). Whew, I never knew myself there were so many choices if I didn't list them, some more stable than the others, but all useful to at least some extent.


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