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project on samba+gnu/hurd

From: anandvid
Subject: project on samba+gnu/hurd
Date: Fri, 26 Dec 2003 16:32:26 +0530

         we are a group of 3 students wishing to do our project work about GNU/Hurd mentioned on the webpage
              this webpage describes it as " An implementation of CIFS, the "Common Internet File System," for the HURD. This protocol is an offshoot of SMB. "
                    i asked about what exactly it means and i got one reply as > "the task doesn't mean a reimplementation of samba but writing the smbfs filesystem like Linux has.  The advantage of the Hurd above linux in this case is that you can use userspace libraries.Just use libsmbclient for the network communication." with kind instru! ctions from Mr. Marco Gerards.
                         can anybody plz describe it in detail because we are supposed to finish our project in 2 months.right now we are reading the samba documentation and a few things about hurd.
                               i'll be thankful to you..
                                           waiting for reply...
                        &nbs! p;                                       anand



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