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sorry about this mail

From: yosh
Subject: sorry about this mail
Date: Sat, 20 Mar 2004 22:22:30 +0100

Hi all

Sorry about this mail, i supouse there are thousend stupid mails such as
this one, but i've spend time por a long while, looking for a
instalation manual at google, and only founding old-fashioned manuals
about instal hurd from packages. 

Nowadays, the K5 release, has a instalation shell, i've follow all the
steps one by one, booting from the K5 cd, and at the first boot, theres
a panic;

panic: no bootstrap loaded with the kernel

I've looked it on google, but theres no docuemtation about it.

Any idea about a K5 instalation manual ? or why that error ? im sure
i've missed a step . . . but i dont know what step :(

thank yosh very much to anyone who read this mail, anda excuse me about
my no-so-good-as-i-like english

Alvaro Lopez

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