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Re: HURD install confusion

From: Arguri
Subject: Re: HURD install confusion
Date: Sun, 08 Jul 2007 14:45:05 +0200
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i see there is a HURD install guide available here: and it says one needs to have an OS
already installed to install HURD.
It says that for the installation mentioned on needs another OS. It explicitely says that the current installer for the Debian/Hurd Distribution is not very nice. This is true, but you can still use one of the two options: Cross-install or CD install.

now, i also see K14 CDs available and CD-1 is bootable.
Right. CD1 starts a minimal installer which helps you to do the steps mentioned on . It starts a Linux system and the install program which lets you partition your disk and format a partition. It then extracts the archive. After this you have to reboot. If you already have grub installed you should add the Hurd menu entry and after that start in single user mode (-s in kernel line). Run ./native-install, reboot int single mode again, run ./native-install again, add fstab entrys and then you are ready to start. (I'm not sure if I mentioned everything, but this is in very short what you have to do).

i am getting confused on installation methods. when i need a
pre-installed OS to install HURD, for what purpose boot CD exists ?

It is used as a snapshot to get a more or less useable Hurd installation out of the box. You should try the CD method. More or less you should consider doing whatever you want to do inside of a vm (like qemu).

[ i use Linux and have already installed it. i have some free space on
my ATA disk. i want to install and use HURD so that i can contribute
to its development]
If you mean S-ATA then there is a little problem, because GNUMach cannot handle S-ATA disks. Then you must use a vm (or another pc or another disk).

Regards Arguri.

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