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Re: [Fwd: Some qemu+hurd questions]

From: Samuel Thibault
Subject: Re: [Fwd: Some qemu+hurd questions]
Date: Mon, 1 Nov 2010 22:55:28 +0100
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Svante Signell, le Mon 01 Nov 2010 22:39:50 +0100, a écrit :
> On Mon, 2010-11-01 at 17:34 +0100, Samuel Thibault wrote:
> > Like Linux, Mach tries to use as much memory as possible to avoid Disk
> > I/O.
> OK, seems like I need more memory.

What makes you think so?  qemu CPU emulation is _really_ slow compared
to native execution (even if q of qemu means quick, i.e. quicker than
e.g. bochs).

> > > Running the installed Hurd:
> > > qemu -m 256 -net nic,model=ne2k_pci -net user -hda hurd-install.qemu
> > > 
> > > - Does qemu have a terminal where I can get a scrollbar, without it is
> > > very difficult to catch all output.
> > 
> > Yes, you can use the -curses option to use text mode.
> In gnome-terminal -curses did not work! I did not get any echo of the
> commands written :(

Make sure your terminal is 80x25, not 80x24.

> However, starting qemu from xterm -sb -rightbar seems to work.
> No graphical keys, like C-A-n etc commands worked!

Not really surprising, as they'll be eaten by X11 or the window manager
before being passed to qemu via the xterm tty. You can give a try to the
vnc way that Arne mentioned in another mail.

> An arch-hurd developer had patches to console-driver-xkb sent to
> bug-hurd in August,
> Have they bee applied upstream? Looks like no updated debian package
> exists.

I didn't have the time to look at those. One of the issues is that
there's no real "upstream" repository for console-driver-xkb ATM, so
that's the first thing to do.

> > > - qemu-kvm is also available in addition to qemu. Would things be faster
> > > with it, there seems to be some kernel modules added? Does my CPU, see
> > > below, support virtualisation?
> > 
> > As said by somebody else, it doesn't. You should however try to compile
> > the kqemu module, which accelerates emulation without special hardware
> > support.
> Where to find kqemu? Did not find it in Debian.

It is there in Lenny at least.

> > Did you try to install the emacs package? Debian doesn't install it by
> > default in the base system just because it takes quite some room
> > compared to e.g. nano, but it should be installable ATM.
> apt-get install emacs23-nox                                   

Yes, emacs23 is known to be broken ATM.  Ah, Debian has already dropped
emacs22... Somebody has to fix the emacs23 build then.

> > > Computer is a dual Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.00GHz 32bit box running
> > > Debian unstable. I have only 512M memory on the box. Is that too little
> > > to run Linux+Hurd simultaneously?
> > 
> > It's a bit short on memory if you want to use Linux as a desktop with
> > e.g. run etc.
> OK, need to get more memory then. Got some speedup with:
> -smp cores=2

Err, GNU Mach is not able to use several CPUs, so it should be useless
to add more cores...

> Miscellanous:
> - Spurious output: kd_setleds1: unexpected state (1)

It's not spurious actually, there's something to fix there.  But since
it's being reported again and again, I've just hidden the warning behind
#ifdef MACH_KDB.

> - Complaints at boot on /etc/motd being a dangling symlink, however:
> ls -l /etc/motd
> lrwxr-xr-x 1 root root 13 Oct 28 00:11 /etc/motd -> /var/run/motd

Probably a missing /var/run/motd generation in the init scripts, but
that'll be fixed by making Debian GNU/Hurd use Debian's usual SYSV
runlevel system.


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