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Re: It may sound stupid...

From: Marcelo Sena
Subject: Re: It may sound stupid...
Date: Fri, 25 Mar 2011 15:00:33 -0300

I like the idea, although  I am not much of a contributor as well.

Marcelo Sena

On Fri, Mar 25, 2011 at 10:42 AM, Tanguy LE CARROUR
<> wrote:
> Dear Hurd Community...mmm... Hi guys!
> I've been following the Hurd for few years now.
> Unfortunately I haven't (yet) been able to actively participate.
> I'm not a good developper, and I don't know much about Micro Kernels.
> Still, Hurd is (with Coreboot) my favorite Free Software project and
> I'm really sad not having more time to help!
> So recently I made a decision. If I have not time to work on it, maybe I
> should
> pay someone to do it for me?
> Maybe not a full time job (I'm not B.G.), but if some people would
> invest couple of hundreds $/€ per year it could make a difference!?
> Maybe the idea sounds stupid, but recently I registered to FlattR to
> "support"
> projects that I like and I realized that I'd never paid [1] for all the
> things that
> the Free Software Community had given me those past 10 years.
> I could give this money in cash, using FlattR [2] (you do need a flattR
> button on your website [3])
> or even by buying some stuff on amazon wish list. It doesn't really matter.
> We could even pool the money and "buy" one coding week for one of the
> developper.
> The thing is to show you guys that we believe in you and in the project and
> that
> we are willing to support your effort.
> I hope that this e-mail doesn't sound too...[4]...much.
> Thanks again for all the good work you've done so far.
> Tanguy
> [1] As a member of the FSF since 2007, I've paid quite a lot! :-)
> [2] And I will as soon as possible "flattr" the guys form ArchHurd!
> [3] Actually, Hurd could use a more "sexy" web site and more visibility.
>     I was quite surprised to read about the Hurd on the Debian web site
>     [], we don't hear a lot about the
> project :-(
> [4] Sorry, bad english! :-) Don't know the proper word to say what I have on
> my mind! :-)

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