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Re: Advisable to install GNU Hurd on real hardware?

From: Saniya Maheshwari
Subject: Re: Advisable to install GNU Hurd on real hardware?
Date: Wed, 14 Sep 2022 21:36:07 +0530

Hi Samuel and Almudena,

Thanks for your responses!

Based on your inputs, I am attempting a GNU/Hurd install on an old Dell Inspiron laptop. I managed to boot from the live CD, but I am facing an issue with the Debian installer. I'll start a separate thread on the bug-hurd channel for that issue.


On Tue, Sep 13 2022 at 11:48:19 PM +0200 +0200, Almudena Garcia <> wrote:

I was testing GNU/Hurd in a real machine, and I have good results in Thinkpad T60 and R60e machines, enabling "compatibility" mode for the hard drive in the BIOS.
The most modern machine in which I get good results is the Thinkpad T410, using the same

El mar, 13 sept 2022 a las 22:32, Samuel Thibault (<>) escribió:
Saniya Maheshwari, le mer. 14 sept. 2022 00:06:12 +0530, a ecrit:
> As it says in the subject, is it advisable to install GNU Hurd on real
> hardware?

It essentially depends whether you're ready to suffer from lack of
hardware support etc.

> So far, I have been trying out GNU Hurd on QEMU/KVM; I read through the GNU
> Hurd documentation and it seemed to me that this is the most preferred way for
> trying out GNU Hurd.

That's the way which most Hurd hackers use since that's simpler to have
a common (virtual) hardware that is known to have proper drivers.


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