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[Info-cvs] Deleting Old Binaries

From: tewks
Subject: [Info-cvs] Deleting Old Binaries
Date: Mon, 18 Sep 2000 20:32:31 -0000
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In my group we maintain various binary files (documentation and 
executables).  These files get tagged all the time and each may have 
several branches.  In addition we maintain regular media backups.  (I 
say this because I know what I'm asking for will cause me to lose 
info from CVS).

Ok the problem:  Maintaining all these files is taking up a 
considerable amount of room on our server unnecessarily.  I would 
like to delete past revisions up to those releases of products that 
we still support.  

I figure cvs admin may do the trick.  However I would have to do 
considerable "cvs tag –d"ing to get admin to work and I
don't think 
it is worth the effort. 

What I am wondering is if anybody knows of a more efficient way of 
doing some house cleaning.  I have looked through the on-line manual, 
e-groups and Open Source Development with CVS by Karl Fogel and none 
seem to show this.  (Considering that CVS is a version control system 
which is used for going back in time, I can't say I was

Anyway, thanks for any thoughts.

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