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Re: [Info-cvs] CVS for MVS: Configure question

From: Wayne_Johnson
Subject: Re: [Info-cvs] CVS for MVS: Configure question
Date: Wed, 20 Sep 2000 13:13:03 -0500

Thanks for the answer.  After poking through the I decided to do a
AC_TRY_COMPILE and key off the predefined macro __MVS_ just like CYGWIN32.  From
there I and able to modify LIBS to include ../mvs/libmvs.a (which holds our
platform specific abstracts).

The biggest question left was this piece of code I needed to add to config.h:
#if defined(__MVS__)
/* Do EBCDIC to ASCII conversion */
#define CVS_HTON(From, To, Size) mvsEtoA(From, To, Size)
#define CVS_NTOH(From, To, Size) mvsAtoE(From, To, Size)

extern void mvsEtoA(char *buff, char *outbuff, int size);
extern void mvsAtoE(char *buff, char *outbuff, int size);

/* MVS doesn't like you to overwrite getenv values.  Therefore we have
   an abstract to copy the value into a buffer */

#define CVS_GETENV mvsGetEnv
extern char *mvsGetEnv(char *env);

/* Do no conversion */
#define CVS_HTON(From, To, Size)
#define CVS_NTOH(From, To, Size)

/* Use real getenv */
#define CVS_GETENV getenv

This I added to acconfig.h after a @address@hidden

This should probably be discuessed in cvs_devel.  Whom do I need to talk to to
get submit access to this mailing list?

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