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Re: restrict access to modules/repositories in cvsweb

From: Derek R. Price
Subject: Re: restrict access to modules/repositories in cvsweb
Date: Fri, 03 Nov 2000 11:05:00 -0500

Yeah.  Separate instances of cvsweb for each repository or a cvsweb wrapper
that suids to the id of the user who logged into apache so you can make use
of the security mechanisms you already have set up.


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Gary Heuston wrote:

> I don't think cvsweb has this function built in, but it is just a perl
> could add the features you want easily enough.  I would
> probably set up a separate instance for each repository though, it will
> cause less headache in the long run as you will have less security issues
> to worry about..
> Gary
> address@hidden
> Dirk Ruediger wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I've set up several repositories and installed cvsweb to browse them.
> > In CVS (client/server) the access to the repositories is restricted to
> > project groups. The access to cvsweb is controlled via apache. By this
> > way cvsweb can recognize the user's identidy, but I can't diiffer
> > between all the repositories.
> >
> > Is there a way to restrict cvsweb's access to these repositories, e.g.
> > by checking the repository's CVSROOT/passwd file?
> >
> > Or do I have to set up another instance of cvsweb for every repository?
> >
> > Tanks in advance!
> >
> > Ciao for now, Dirk
> > --
> > Dirk Ruediger, Rostock, Germany
> >
> > "A computer without COBOL and Fortran is like a piece of chocolate cake
> > without ketchup and mustard."                          -- John Krueger

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