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Re: restrict access to modules/repositories in cvsweb

From: Dirk Ruediger
Subject: Re: restrict access to modules/repositories in cvsweb
Date: Sun, 5 Nov 2000 14:33:03 -0100
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Hi all!

On Thu, 02 Nov 2000, Martin Neitzel wrote:

> DR>   I've set up several repositories and installed cvsweb to browse them.
> DR>   In CVS (client/server) the access to the repositories is restricted to
> DR>   project groups. The access to cvsweb is controlled via apache. By this
> DR>   way cvsweb can recognize the user's identidy, but I can't differ
> DR>   between all the repositories.
> In particular, the cvsweb cgi is still running as "the apache daemon",
> not the (identified) user.

OK, you're right. I meant that there's an env-var REMOTE-USER (set after
apache's authentication) and I could cvsweb extend to deploy this

>       Cvsweb.cgi is fine for undiscriminated read-only browsing
>       of a repository;
>       cvsweb.cgi is fine for answering the occassional question
>       about process on a specific problem in a huge project (like,
>       say, an entire BSD system) where you cannot afford to
>       checkout the entire tree and browsing is just fine;
>       cvsweb.cgi is fine for giving people a (partial) glimpse
>       of CVS's capabilities.
>       cvsweb.cgi is fine for suckering people into using the Real
>       Thing: cvs.
> I may be totally wrong, but maybe you are just barking up the wrong tree?

Again: you're right.Currently I've set up cvsweb in the usual way, you
can browse all repositories. But I want to be prepared for the case that
an cvs-supported project has to be accessible by only a limited user
group and (only) they should have "real" cvs access and additional
browsing functionality via cvsweb (all users are eccessing cvs via
different tools, mostly an IDE and not all of these tools are real

Currently I'm thinking about how to configure the infrastructure of
the cvs server (w/ multiple repositories, authentication, notification,
access control etc).

Thanks for your tips!

Ciao for now, Dirk

P.S.: Furthermore I want to set up lxr as source code browser
(especially searching through the code base and supporting it's reuse).
Dirk Ruediger, Rostock, Germany
Always borrow money from a pessimist; he doesn't expect to be paid back.

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