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cvs log and revision range

From: Thierry Leconte
Subject: cvs log and revision range
Date: Thu, 09 Nov 2000 13:40:38 +0100

As it's my first post in this mailing list I hope it's the good one.

Here is my problem :
Here, man set a symbolic tag for each version of the product.

Now I want to know all changes between two symbolic tags.
cvs log must do the job, but if, for some files, the 2 revisions
to the 2 tags are on different branch cvs log will not work properly.

This is in the FAQ, but I wonder why cvs log could not handle this case
 is it a well know bug that nobody have time to fix or is there a more
serious reason ?

I have take a look at the source and it seems tha the problem come from
version_compare and log_expand_revlist,
but I completly new to cvs source.
are these 2 functions the only ones involved or is it more complex

thanks in advance

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