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Re: How to see what files have changed in a branch

From: Cameron, Steve
Subject: Re: How to see what files have changed in a branch
Date: Fri, 10 Nov 2000 12:57:48 -0600

Patrick Vicanti wrote:
> [...].  Is there a CVS command, utility or process that can tell me
> what files have changed in the branch vs. which ones have been untouched
> are the same as the ones in the trunk?  Thanks.

cvs rdiff -s -r tag_on_the_trunk -r tag_on_the_branch modulename

The "-s" makes it print out only the filenames and revision numbers 
instead of the complete diffs.

If you have a tag that marks the origin of your branch, then use that
tag for "tag_on_the_trunk"

(Can't pass up the opportunity to advertise my patch again)
I fyou don't have such a tag, I have a patch that might help:

With CVS built with that patch, you can do:

cvs rdiff -s -r branch_tag.origin -r tag_on_the_branch modulename

(I'm presuming that tag_on_the_branch was created like
cvs rtag -r branch_tag tag_on_the_branch modulename )

Hope it helps.

-- steve

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