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Large commercial installations of CVS?

From: Wade Stebbings
Subject: Large commercial installations of CVS?
Date: Mon, 13 Nov 2000 06:18:33 -0600


I would like to conduct an informal survey on what
large commercial installations of CVS exist.  I know
CVS is most popular with OpenSource projects, but
what I would like to know is what do companies use
in this regard.

With companies, it seems the pressure is on to use
any sort of commercial tool over anything OpenSource.
This is true of many tools, of course.  On the good
side, this attitude is generally changing.

I know about other commercial source code control
tools, so I would rather not make this a discussion
of CVS vs. <fill-in-the-blank>, as I've seen those
discussions on this list already in various forms.

So, if anyone is willing to speak up about CVS at
their company, I would love to know how well CVS
is doing there.  At a minimum, I would like to know
how widely it is used in large companies.  Beyond
that, I would like to know how well it is accepted
by the software developers.

Thanks so much!


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