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Re: Verifymsg on branches?

From: Laird Nelson
Subject: Re: Verifymsg on branches?
Date: Tue, 14 Nov 2000 10:03:16 -0500

Uwe Fritsch wrote:
> we used the verifymsg mechanism in the past to check for some keywords
> for commit messages. As we create a branch for each release, we would
> like to add an additional keyword for bug numbers, but only if a new
> version is committed to the branch.

Well, you can't really do this (yes, you SHOULD be able to).  This is
due to two major things:

1. You cannot get the new version number of a file being committed.  So
you'll never know if that file is going onto a branch or not.  The best
you can do is guess based off the old number of the file.  This works
for most cases, as most users aren't using the -r switch to cvs commit.

2. You can't add anything to the message at commitinfo or verifymsg
time.  The message being verified is read only.

What you *could* do is do something really clever with loginfo. 
Basically, since loginfo gives you the old and new version numbers, you
could invoke cvs admin -m (haven't tried this; don't know if it's
supported; rcs -m lets you replace one version's log message with
another) if the new revision number contains more than one period in it.

The other thing to do would be to apply your new keyword as a tag


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