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Re: CVS Projects

From: Derek R. Price
Subject: Re: CVS Projects
Date: Thu, 01 Mar 2001 13:37:23 -0500

Brian Sequeira wrote:

> Hello,I am a newbie on this list and also with CVS and GNU
> Makefiles. I have a few questions and any help would be greatly
> appreciated:We have no CM tool in place for anything besides code(CVS
> and GNU Makefiles) . What do we use for Non-CI's like documenting bug
> fixes, patch releases(release notes), any reports, documentations, and
> for change management processing.

GNATS & Bugzilla are popular bug tracking tools.  I just heard a mention
of Keystone recently.  Personally, I'd try a net search.  Maybe search
the archives of the gnats and bugzilla email lists for relevant

> Also we have a scenario here that we do builds on a periodic basis for
> a live environment, now most of the changes does not affect the
> software but the content on the page(for example HTML, JavaScript
> changes) do we handle such a situation without having to go
> through an entire build.

Make shouldn't rebuild objects which are up-to-date, meaning that they
have a more recent timestamp than their sources.  If that doesn't do it
for you, you could try simple organization - put the binary sources and
HTML sources in different directories.  Then cd into 'html' and build if
you don't want to install binaries.

> Could we lock files on CVS for development on the same tree like VSS?

The CVS model tends to be quite different from VSS's.  Most people on
this list will probably also argue that it is better.  You might try the
manual at or even Karl Fogel's book if you want to
know more.

> Also are there any tools that help us define our coding standards and
> support scripts that help us maintain these procedures.

Search the email archives for this list on this subject.  There's an
archive at and another at .


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