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Looking for *real* docs

From: Chris
Subject: Looking for *real* docs
Date: Sun, 04 Mar 2001 12:07:55 -0600


I'm trying to write some code to allow you to browse a repository. Crucial to this is thorough documentation of how to query the repository for name & message information (through using 'log', I guess), as well as documentation for the output of such commands, so I can parse it. I've read man pages for rcs, rlog, and cvs, along with additional online material including the Perdeqvist (sp) thingee, and I can't find anything, or even a reference to what I'm looking for.

There are several add-on tools that do this, and I could plow through their source if need be, but I'd rather not - I'd rather read what the tool-makers read, whatever that is.

Any ideas?

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