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Re: Looking for *real* docs

From: Laine Stump
Subject: Re: Looking for *real* docs
Date: 04 Mar 2001 18:33:45 -0500
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You just listed all the things the "tool-makers" read. There is no
uber-society of CVS-related tools writers who share their information
using coded messages and secret handshakes. They all work it out by
reading the manpages and manuals, looking at the output of commands,
and lifting useful code from stuff already written by someone else.

Also, when they have a specific question and can't figure out the
answer themselves, they post that question to this list and usually
end up with a reasonable answer. (Hint - it might help if you gave
more specifics of why just using the CVS log command isn't enough for

So, you're looking in the right places, you just haven't looked long
enough, or tried hard enough, yet. ;-)

Chris <address@hidden> writes:

> I'm trying to write some code to allow you to browse a
> repository. Crucial to this is thorough documentation of how to query
> the repository for name & message information (through using 'log', I
> guess), as well as documentation for the output of such commands, so I
> can parse it. I've read man pages for rcs, rlog, and cvs, along with
> additional online material including the Perdeqvist (sp) thingee, and
> I can't find anything, or even a reference to what I'm looking for.
> There are several add-on tools that do this, and I could plow through
> their source if need be, but I'd rather not - I'd rather read what the
> tool-makers read, whatever that is.
> Any ideas?
> Chris
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