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Pserver Login problem

From: Furmaniuk, Michael
Subject: Pserver Login problem
Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2001 09:28:09 -0500

  I've been checking this on my own, and can't seem to find anything in the
docs or mailing archives about the problems I am seeing and how to debug
these a little more successfully.

  I have built CVS 1.11 to use as server/client, and am using Peter Ajamians
password utility.  Right now I am using pserver as internally we want that
to work first.

  What I have done so far is:

  - CVS is built correctly, I have done the telnet test on 2401 and get the
proper response.

  - Put pserver into inetd.conf (I know its active as I can access it using
a system account).

  - Have the correct repository pointed to on my client.

  - Set Config to have the line - SystemAuth=no - and checked it back into
CVS, I've seen the rebuild of the administrative database and it does not
give me errors.

  - If I try to log in to pserver with a Username/Password set in the CVS
passwd file I get a login failure, and the following line within my
/var/adm/messages file 
- Mar 12 09:17:30 relpbld03 cvs[819]: login failure (for

  - If I try to login with a test user, set up within the passwd file in
CVS, I get an error on the client 
- cvs [login aborted]: unrecognized auth response from E Fatal error, aborting.

  Am I missing another configuration I need to make somewhere?  And is there
a way to get more information on the Errors from the server, a debug mode or



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