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RE: Pserver Login problem

From: Furmaniuk, Michael
Subject: RE: Pserver Login problem
Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2001 14:09:17 -0500

>Let me make sure I understand you.  You changed the system password for
>a user named "User", and you can now log into CVS from the client
>machine using that username and password, right?

  I have a system account on machine-A with the Username "michael" and
Password "password", using "michael/password", I can log into CVS using the
client and can access the repository.  If I create the passwd file within
CVS having a Username "michael" and Password "testing", and uncomment the
SystemAuth line in the config file, I cannot login with "michael/testing"
but michael/password still works.

>> but if I create a new account linked to my User account, as per the docs,
>> get refused access.  
>I don't understand what you mean by this.  Do you mean you added a new
>entry to the sytem password file with the same uid as User, or that you
>added an entry to the CVS passwd file ($CVSROOT/CVSROOT/passwd) with the
>third field set to User?  If you're talking about the CVS passwd file,
>it would be helpful to show us exactly what it contains.

  My passwd file has an entry like  -   testuser:gu76sdg67f:michael 
so that testuser can access the repository as michael...but it will not
allow testuser access to the repository.  Error message on this follows.

  As I mentioned in my previous posts, I get two different errors, depending
on how I am accessing the CVS repository.

  Using michael/testing as in my previous example I get - incorrect password
as an error on the Unix client and cannot access the repository.  Within
WinCVS I see a little bit more of an error - cvs login: authorization
failed: server machine-A rejected access to /home/michael/CVS/webSystems for
user michael

  Using the testuser Username as an example, all I see on the Unix client is
cvs [login aborted]: unrecognized auth response from machine-A: E Fatal
error, aborting.  Within WinCVS I see a little bit more - Fatal error,
testuser: no such user
cvs login: authorization failed: server machine-A rejected access to
/home/michael/CVS/webSystems for user testuser

  CVSROOT is set correctly, and the test repository lives in my area, so I
have permissions to do everything within the repository.  CVS sits on a
Solaris box, and accepts the telnets into port 2401 correctly, I am having
the same access problems when accessing from a client on Windows or another
Solaris box so I am suspecting there is a setting off somewhere in the
repository but I can't figure out where.

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