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Re: cvs setup for linux server,NT client

From: Dennis Jones
Subject: Re: cvs setup for linux server,NT client
Date: Thu, 15 Mar 2001 09:00:30 -0800

I currently use RedHat Linux 6.2 as the CVS server, and multiple NT boxes as clients, so it sounds like your setup is very much like mine.  If this mailing list is any indication, unless you are using RedHat Linux 7.0, CVS installation and setup should go quite smoothly.  I had almost no trouble at all with CVS on Red Hat Linux 6.2, and I am anything but a unix expert.
With a Linux/NT setup, you can choose just about any protocol you want -- there are no hard and fast rules for which ones to use.  If you don't care about security, you can just use CVS's built-in "rsh" protocol (simple .rhosts setup, no external programs are required).  If you want some security but are not paranoid, you can use CVS's "pserver" protocol (simple inetd.conf setup, no external programs, but requires a password to logon).  If you want lots of security, you can use "ssh" as an external protocol (I've never used SSH, but lots of other people have).  Any of these protocols should work fine with your setup.  The CVS manual discusses more about the different protocols and how to configure them, which might also help you decide.
I don't know anything about Cygwin, but WinCVS will work with any of the above protocols.
Hope this helps.
- Dennis
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From: Venu
Sent: Thursday, March 15, 2001 6:06 AM
Subject: cvs setup for linux server,NT client

Hi folks,
            I am very new to CVS,now we are implementing the CVS in LINUX server and NT for client system,i have querys to implmenting CVS.can anybody help me to do this
        How to set up linux (server) and windows NT (client),can i  access by using Wincvs in NT to Linux server repositorys,is there any protocols should i use how to put this type of set up,is there any body done like this,could you pls tell me how to proceed.
Thanks in advance,
B.Venu gopal
SCM,Release Engineer
#51,Stock Exchange Towers
5th Floor,1st Cross,J.C Road
Ph:91 80 2995692

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