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Re: Adding a directory in the repository

From: irina sturm
Subject: Re: Adding a directory in the repository
Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2001 18:44:15 +0100

address@hidden wrote:
> irina sturm writes:
> >
> > I would like your advice on the following:
> > I have created a repository which is in
> > use now (people are doing co/ci on it).
> > At some moment I realized that I should
> > have included a directory (with some files
> > in it) in the repository.
> > How is now the best way to do it:
> > 1. To add it directly to the repository?
> Since what goes into the repository is RCS files, you can't add the
> actual files to the repository directly.  If you had previously been
> managing the directory with RCS and have RCS files available, then you
> can put them directly into the CVS repository and keep their revision
> history.
> > 2. To add it through the cvs adding
> > directories/files mechanism from my working
> > directory (sandbox)?
> If you just have the actual files, this is the way to go.
> -Larry Jones
> I told her to expect you to deny everything. -- Calvin

Well, actually the directory (and the files within)
that I want to put in the repository already exists,
they have not been created in the working directory.
And besides the named directory contains binary files.

I was also thinking at the first moment to use add,
but it doesn't work with directories: I'll have to
        cvs add dir
        cd dir
        cvs add -kb files

as  "cvs add dir" will not add the directory with
all files within in the repository.

Besides, when I created the repository initially I used
a script to create the RCS (,v) files of the hierarchy
that I wanted to put in the repository, and then I
tranferred this files to the repository. (This was 
mainly because I didn't like that "cvs import" started
versioning on a branch basis - version starting with
4 numbers like
So I can now use this same script to put the new directory
in the repository.

Therefore, it seems to me that up to now the 2 methods
- using "cvs add" and using the script - are equivalent
in producing what I want. However, there is 1 problem:
the directory I want to add contains binary files,
and "cvs add -kb" allows to say this to CVS, while
my script is doing simple "ci" commands where an
option like -kb is not possible.
The conclusion would then be that I should use the
"cvs add -kb" commands
Am I right in my reasonement above?
Also, should I do "cvs add -kb dir" (that is, give
the -kb option to the directory itself as well)?


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