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Re: Microsoft VSS => CVS

From: Jon Miner
Subject: Re: Microsoft VSS => CVS
Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2001 21:53:09 -0600
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* Laine Stump (address@hidden) [010321 15:48]:
> There is no CVS equivalent to VSS' sharing of individual repository
> files into multiple places in the work directory, though.

Well, not natively in CVS, but if you're running it on a server that
supports _symlinks_, you can approxmate that behavior, somewhat..  Just
symlink the actual repository files to multiple places, works rather

The political issues that you raise are correct, though, testing becomes
much more complex, I generally use it for simple header files and junk
that doesn't change much..

Symlinks in the repository are not for the faint-of-heart (actually,
just about anything where you're mucking about in the repository isn't
for the faint-of-heart), and things do occasionally get a bit goofy
(usually only after I've been mucking about), but I generally find
things easy to fix.

Please, backup and _test_ your backups before you go doing anything that
involves hopping in to the repository directly..


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