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RE: reserved lock and other patches

From: Chris Cameron
Subject: RE: reserved lock and other patches
Date: Thu, 22 Mar 2001 13:47:59 +1200

Sorry about the reply format M$ won't let me change to a preferable format,
but let's not go there!  I've been off the air for a few weeks and have just
caught up!

When I incorporated Noel's edit patches into our CVS source (1.10.7) I
modified so that it wouldn't choke on the new behaviour.  I didn't
add any checks for the new features.  I can send you a diff if you

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From: address@hidden [mailto:address@hidden Behalf Of
Noel L Yap
Sent: Thursday, 22 March 2001 12:34 p.m.
To: address@hidden
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Subject: Re: reserved lock and other patches

My free time has run out again.  The stuff I still need to get done are:
1. Update the documentation (since you volunteered and I don't have the
necessary tools, I'll let you debug it :-)
2. Create regression tests.  I still need a volunteer for this.  I'll gladly
communicate req's to such a volunteer.
3. Create two other small, unrelated patches.  I'll do this myself, except
the docs and test cases.


address@hidden on 2001.03.21 12:46:30

To:   address@hidden, address@hidden
Subject:  Re: reserved lock and other patches

"Derek R. Price" wrote:

> Noel L Yap wrote:
> > >I'd also want to see documentation updates (to cvs.texinfo) before I'd
> > this
> > >in.
> >
> > It looks like cvs.texinfo is easy enough to change, but can you tell me
> > can test those changes?
>     $ cd doc
>     $ make info

You know, if you don't have makeinfo &/or tex installed, and can get all the
pertinent information into the cvs.texinfo file, I can't imagine it wouldn't
take me
more than half an hour to fix errors and reformat it.  Not that I'd want to,
that's your stopper...

I'd still need the separate patches and test cases, of course.


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