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Re: reserved lock and other patches

From: Derek R. Price
Subject: Re: reserved lock and other patches
Date: Thu, 15 Mar 2001 15:00:17 -0500

Noel L Yap wrote:

> Oh, yes, that's right, if either the client or the server doesn't support 
> "-c",
> the operation won't go through.
> IIRC, "cvs editors" will work regardless of who supports multiple edits since
> the client will first check to see if the server supports the feature.  In the
> end, "cvs edit" just stores some info in CVS/fileattr.  This info is parsed 
> and
> outputted by "cvs editors".

That sounds like about what I was hoping for.

> >I'd also want to see documentation updates (to cvs.texinfo) before I'd check
> this
> >in.
> It looks like cvs.texinfo is easy enough to change, but can you tell me how I
> can test those changes?

    $ cd doc
    $ make info

Should rebuild the info files.  You need makeinfo and probably a Tex 
installed.  TeTeX is pretty good, IMANAQSHAIPSBO, and, IIRC, it comes with
makeinfo.  Then just use

    $ info --directory=.

and page through the info file to the sections you want to examine.

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