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Re: CVS - SSH question

From: Gwen Park
Subject: Re: CVS - SSH question
Date: Fri, 1 Jun 2001 10:10:44 -0700
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>       My question is how to get WinCVS to work with SSH without having to
> enter the password in the SSH window with every command that is executed.

Following are instructions I wrote some time ago to get WinCVS and
passwordless ssh working. You can find at:


account on cvs server with proper permissions

1.      Install windows command line ssh client
        a.      unzip anywhere (e.g. C:\ssh);
                make sure it is in its permanent location, as there is
                no setup.exe to run afterwards.
        b.      mkdir \etc located within directory used in last step
                (e.g. C:\ssh\etc)
        c.      add directory in Step 1a to %PATH% environmental
        --Note: At this point, you should be able to access the
                ssh.exe and scp.exe from any location using the
                command line.
        d.      set %HOME% environmental variable to any location;
                this location should be someplace specific to the
                individual user (e.g. C:\home\username)
        e.      mkdir %HOME%\.ssh (e.g. C:\home\username\.ssh)
        f.      ssh -l username cvs_host (the next few commands will
                be on the unix remote host)
        g.      ssh-keygen1 (accept default locations and when
                prompted for a password, leave blank)
        h.      cat $HOME/.ssh/ >> $HOME/.ssh/authorized_keys
        i.      chmod 644 .ssh/authorized_keys
        --Note: You will need to ensure that there are no group or
                other write permissions through $HOME/.ssh. If there
                are, passwordless ssh will not work properly.
        j.      logout (return back to local Windows command prompt)
        k.      cd %HOME%\.ssh
        l.      scp address@hidden:.ssh/* .
        --Note: At this point, you should be able to log in to
                cvs_host without using a password. This is critical
                for WinCVS to operate properly. If this doesn't work,
                go back and make sure you did all the steps properly.

2.      Install wincvs
        a.      unzip
        b.      run setup.exe; all the default settings are fine
                (alternatively, you may choose to run installer from
        c.      launch wincvs.exe (it should be located under
        d.      Enter ":ext:address@hidden:/usr/local/cvsroot" in
                text box
        e.      Select SSH server in Authentication drop box
        f.      Press OK.
        g.      Select Checkout Module under CVS Admin menu
        h.      Choose an appropriate location to keep your cvs
                working copy (e.g. %HOME%) and press OK
        i.      Enter the module name in text box
        j.      Press OK
        k.      Select %HOME% as your home directory
        l.      Press OK
        --Note: At this point, you should see standard cvs checkout
                output printing in the white area the the bottom
                right. If nothing happens after a minute, you should
                first check if cvs_host is having problems. If the
                server seems okay, make sure passwordless ssh is
                working. If you didn't set up passwordless ssh
                correctly, WinCVS will not checkout files b/c it is
                waiting for the user to enter a password (WinCVS
                doesn't allow the user to interactively enter one). If
                those things are fine, make sure you followed the steps
        --Note: These next steps are optional.
        m.      Select Change browser location under View menu.
        n.      Select working copy location.
        o.      Press OK.

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