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Re: Remote connection fails with Operation timed out.

From: Ron Smith
Subject: Re: Remote connection fails with Operation timed out.
Date: Thu, 7 Jun 2001 14:36:21 -0500

Well, yes. There is a firewall between here and the server but that port is open because I can perform the exact same CVS command from the machine right beside me. I have compared network settings on the two machines and there is nothing unusual there that I can find.

I think you are correct that this is a network error but I'm not sure where else to look. Nothing else seems to be having any problems except CVS. I can telnet, ftp, browse, etc. the server where CVS is running.

Oh, I just discovered another clue: I downloaded the MacCVS client and it was able to connect and checkout files (of course, it locked every one of them and I had a devil of a time getting that directly deleted). So, it is just the command-line version that is having a problem.

Ron Smith writes:

 At 11:31 AM -0400 6/7/01, Larry Jones wrote:
 >Ron Smith writes:
 >>  cvs [login aborted]: connect to ga01db03( failed:
 >>  Operation timed out
 >Looks to me like you've got a network problem on the client machine.
 >I suspect that telnet to the server machine would also time out.

 Nope, I can telnet to the machine just fine -- I can even run CVS
 locally on that machine just fine.

Nonetheless, the error message you're getting indicates that the
client's request to connect to the server timed out, which clearly
indicates a network problem of some sort.  Perhaps there's a firewall
between the client and server that's blocking port 2401?

-Larry Jones

Let's just sit here a moment... and savor the impending terror. -- Calvin


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