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Re: repository surfing

From: John Minnihan
Subject: Re: repository surfing
Date: Wed, 20 Jun 2001 20:03:44 -0700

The key here may be "What is the policy at this shop?"  If other engineers are
successfully managing their work using CVS, then educate your new engineers.
Else say "FI" and tell your management that these engineers are too stupid to
use CVS, and that you must now go spend $4k per seat to accommodate their
idiocy.  And $150k or up to implement it.  Oh, yeah - and about 9 - 18 months
until the implementation functions as expected.

All kidding aside... Engineers who have used CC in the past tend not to
understand CVS immediately (and vice versa), so education would go a long way
here.  Viewing the actual repository contents is meaningful only when
troubleshooting repo problems, and in fact, to the ill-informed causes "panic."
Those who view the repo directly tend to end up editing the files.  That renders

your repo nearly useless, so your two engineers could end up causing alot of

There are numerous CVS functions or extensions by which you can review a file's
content and history:   cvsweb, freepository, wincvs, log, diff and history come
to mind.

address@hidden wrote:

> I've got two engineers here who want to be able to just view the files in
> the repository without checking them out.  These are ex-ClearCase users and,
> let me quote  "I could do that in ClearCase."

John Minnihan

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