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CVS - Automated builds

From: Lamar Seifuddin
Subject: CVS - Automated builds
Date: Thu, 21 Jun 2001 11:48:51 -0500


I have created an automated build script that checks out files from CVS,
(CVS runs on Solaris)

It works fine when I build from one src tree, but when I build from
src trees (cronjob), I run into problems.    I am not sure if it's
CVS-related or broken

What type of problems have you encountered?



Nils9 writes:
> I have people running automated build scripts which fetch files from
> (CVS runs on RedHat), and now it happens that the inettd locks down
> the service for 10 minutes - flood protection. We tried to insert
> between CVS requests, it helped, but it gets soo long to build that
> What are your reccomendations on this topic? How to disable this inetd

> feature?  Could not find anything in manpages.

Go read the inetd man page again, carefully.  I've never seen an inetd
that didn't have *some* way of adjusting the rate limit documented on
the man page.  Sometimes it's a command line option to inetd, other
times it's part of the entry in the config file.  And check that you're
really running inetd -- some systems use xinetd instead, in which case
you need to read its man page instead.

-Larry Jones

I hate being good. -- Calvin

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