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AW: CVS file locking question

From: Jens Vonderheide
Subject: AW: CVS file locking question
Date: Thu, 21 Jun 2001 23:25:19 +0200

> Using a network filesystem to share a repository is a recipe for
> disaster; we've had many reports of corrupted repository files due to
> network file system bugs.  I strongly advise you to set up some form of
> client/server CVS instead.  You can find a version of CVS that will run
> as a server on NT at <>, but you'd likely have
> fewer problems running the server on a Unix platform.

Is the same also true for sharing a sandbox? I plan to do the following:
I have a notebook and a pc, both running Win 2000. I mainly work on the pc,
but when I'm abroad, I want to work on the notebook. So I want to keep the
sandbox on the notebook and share it (as a Windows share) to the pc. I will
never work on both computers at the same time, so there should not be any
issues with concurrent accesses.
Or should I rather create two sandboxes and use commit/update to synchronize


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