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Re: HELP! I've shot myself in the foot!

From: Tomki
Subject: Re: HELP! I've shot myself in the foot!
Date: Sat, 23 Jun 2001 16:27:29 +0700

Do be certain you want to remove all the items mentioned. Then run these two commands to remove each. Those are not single-quote marks, they are backtics.
/bin/rm -rf `find /path/to/the/head/of/your/problem/directory -name #cvs.lock`
/bin/rm -rf `find /path/to/the/head/of/your/problem/directory -name #cvs..wfl.pilot.25274`

For instance if I wanted to delete all files (and directories) named yousuck.txt from anywhere under my public_html directory, I would do
/bin/rm -rf `find /home/tomki/public_html -name yousuck.txt`

Caution is advised.


At 17:27 6/22/2001 -0700, Schwenk, Jeanie wrote:
Seriously though, I've been trying to purposely break things before the
engineers get free reign cause they will break it.  Ahem, I did a cntl-c
while a very large commit was executing.

I know what the problem is, it can't get a lock.  Now the doc says to
removethe files that start with `#cvs.rfl', `#cvs.wfl', or `#cvs.lock'.   Ok
but what about directories?   Here's what I've got:


Now does anyone have a script written that will travers the repository and
remove these offending items (like I said, a LARGE commit)?  I'm hoping.  If
not, I intend to write one before I have a major fire.  if there is any
interest, where do I put something like that so everyone can access it?



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