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Client for BBedit remote access?

From: Burk Braun
Subject: Client for BBedit remote access?
Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2001 18:38:44 -0700

Hi, cvs-

I am investigating the use of CVS for my organization, and have to say that we are addicted to BBedit to work on all the code for a set of UNIX-hosted web sites, using its own on-board FTP functions. After reading several web sites on CVS installation, I can not quite figure out whether the basic functions of CVS would be accessible by a basic FTP client like BBedit, or whether we would have to keep a unix command line open to do the CVS transactions and then FTP the files after they have been checked out. Do you have any advice or resources you could point me towards?

Thanks very much  -Burk

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