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cvs diff problem

From: Boris
Subject: cvs diff problem
Date: Fri, 29 Jun 2001 04:53:21 +0200

Hello info-cvs,

I have a little (misunderstanding?) problem with cvs diff, I hope
someone can help me -((

I just want to create a diff file from the beginning of a project
until the latest version, tagged as "Feature08". The start tag is

Normally, hey just use

cvs diff -r "start" -r "Feature08"

or something like this, but I get a lot of error messages, that files
added in the meantime are not tagged with "start" - this is problem

I think hey, why not use a date! Lets create a diff file with a
startdate of the project and Feature08

cvs diff -D "2001-06-26"  -r "Feature08"

Again, I get messages like cvs server: no revision for date 2001.

I need a complete diff from the project start "start" until
"Feature08" -((( Between "start" and "Feature08" are new files, and
the starting date of the project was 2001-06-26.

Using 1.11 of CVS.

Can I have a little tip please what I can do? I need all Files, new
and changed since "start" and "Feature08" -(((

Boris Köster [MCSE, CNA]
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