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Didn't you say you wanted to RUIN SOMEONE?

Subject: Didn't you say you wanted to RUIN SOMEONE?
Date: Sun, 08 Jul 2001 15:22:20

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Hello to all My Friends from:
  • Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Private Investigations,
  • Government Officials,
  • Foreign Diplomats,
  • Criminal Law Offices

SPY Headquarters, a business subsidiary of MLH Marketing is a state-of-the-art Security Products company. We are the home of the "Ruin Anyone - Find Anyone" Cyber-SNOOPER Software.  We have sold over 10,000 copies to date.  This is our 2nd year in business servicing our wholesale and retail clients. We are celebrating our a new year of offering Security Products on the Internet.

We keep our on-line product information and prices up-to-date, and have expanded our product line to include a library of specialty books. We will consistently add new product in the up coming weeks. Please take a look at the great investigative products currently available at our website.


Fabulous July's Specials:

Novelty Products:

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Here is the latest high-tech gadget that will allow you to listen to  conversations from a great distance without suspect knowledge.  With this sound amplifier, you can now hear things crystal clear that you could never not before. Spy ear is very easy to use, just put the ear buds in your ears - aim the Spy Ear towards what you want to hear and listen-in. Spy Ear has adjustable volume control. You can listen to conversations across a room, and gather all the gossip!!   And you will not pay any shipping and handling!

Priced to sell @ $9.99 each Click here for additional information

Investigative Software:

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Investigative Software


This amazing software provides you with a complete "how to" guide, a large selection of tools and even databases that will aid you in just about any type of informational investigation. Not only does the kit provide you with the sources and tools that are useful in gathering information on others but it will also provide you with an organized guide to what each source can provide and where it's located. And you will not pay any shipping and handling as usual!
Priced to sell @ $9.99 each Click here for additional information

Come and visit this website for 
great bargains to investigate anyone!

©2001, MLH Marketing.
The "Spy Headquarters" Leader on the Internet
All rights reserved and strictly enforced.

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