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Per-directory sticky tags - a possible bug?

From: Reinstein, Shlomo
Subject: Per-directory sticky tags - a possible bug?
Date: Mon, 9 Jul 2001 09:24:15 +0300


I'm using CVS version 1.10.7 on Windows (not using the client/server model).
I have a CVS project that is made of some directory tree, where the topmost
directory does not contain any files:


The root directory of the project ("root") does not contain any files; all
files are located in the sub-directories of "root".
When I use "cvs update -r tag-name" in the working directory of "root", CVS
updates the project to the version indicated by "tag-name". In the CVS
sub-directory of each working directory, it creates the "Tag" file which
indicates the sticky tag.

When "tag-name" is not a branch tag (i.e., it is not the name of a branch),
the "CVS/Tag" files in the sub-directories of "root" contain the right
thing: "Ntag-name". However, the "CVS/Tag" file in the working directory of
"root", contains: "Ttag-name", as if this is a branch tag. This means that I
can (I tried, and it works) add files, modify them and commit them in the
working directory of "root", while I cannot do so for the sub-directories.

Is this a bug in CVS? If not, can you explain to me the idea behind this?

One more thing that is somehow related to the above: My group always treats
a whole CVS project as a single entity - tags are always applied to whole
projects and not to specific files/directories of a project. Given that, is
there a way for me to know whether my working copy of a project is set to a
branch or not? (not just to a branch tag, but to a tag that belongs to a
branch) (Let's say I forgot if I checked-out from a branch or not)

Thanks a lot,

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