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Strategy of access

From: Andrzej_Michalec
Subject: Strategy of access
Date: Mon, 9 Jul 2001 12:25:53 +0200

I have briefly searched through this list for some informations about
access rigths management, policies etc. but unfortunatelly I got no answer.
Can anyone tell me where can I get such informations? Or maybe can give
some suggestions:

Let me explain current configuration:
The main strategy is to control users access to selected projects'
subdirectories.  I use one repository for all projects.  CVS server is
installed on Linux and dedicated only to use in intranet so advanced
security considerations are not necessary.  All subdirectories have set up
setgid (I read about problems with it on Linux but actually it works on
RedHat 6.2).  Each subdirectory which is entry to project have set own
group as in this example:
     permissions    group          dir
     drwxrws---  users       CVSROOT
     drwxrws---  project_a   project_a
     drwxrws---  project_b   project_b
     drwxrws---  project_c   project_c
Each CVS user have unix account on server where CVS is installed and his
primary group is 'users' (read-write access to some administrative files in
CVSROOT).  User that can access given project is added to proper group -
then that user can fully operate on this subtree.  So user (1) can access
or (2) cannot access project in repository.  But what about (3) read-only
access to project (kind of auditing)?  Operating on 'readers' or 'writers'
CVS adminitrative files is out of scope - it switches access features
per-repository not per-directory.  Is there any solution of this problem?
I read about setting up repository for each project but it doesn't look
elegant :)

Best regards,

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