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Alpha VMS check checkout problems in 1.11.1

From: Dale Miller
Subject: Alpha VMS check checkout problems in 1.11.1
Date: Tue, 10 Jul 2001 17:57:45 -0500


I see what you mean by the problem when checking out a large number of
files with the message of "cvs [export aborted]: cannot rename file."

I have the same problem after building 1.11.1p1 under OpenVMS 7.2-1.

There is the work around of repeating the command until everything is
checked out but that takes extra time.

In testing this I did a checkout of a path that contains about 2,800
There is definitely a pattern when it fails.

After it fails I used a "DIR [.path....]*.*;/grand" to gather some
Keep in mind that the counts include all the [.CVS] directories and
their contents.

Directories Files Increase
18   318                <-- this may not have been the first set
18   555   237
46   880   325
60  1166  285
60  1403  237
60  1639  236
66  1893  254
70  2147  254
88  2442  295
102 2725  283
102 2964  239
128 3232  268

When the number of directories did not increase about 236 or 237 were
processed.  I am wondering if there might be some limit on the number of
files that is causing checkout to stop.

I just tested the cvs export and got the following:

cvs [export aborted]: cannot rename file ./fc05_hgi_get_dist.for_new_ to
./fc05_hgi_get_dist.for: no such device or address

DIPSD->dir [.alpha...]*.*;* /grand

Grand total of 3 directories, 238 files.

It also stopped.  It also fits the pattern!

Have you also seen this on the import and checkin commands?
Was this the same with prior versions?

Thanks, Dale

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