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Re: connection

From: Matthew Riechers
Subject: Re: connection
Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2001 09:10:43 -0400

Gyozo Hallasy wrote:
> Hi Everyone!
>  My problem is, I can 't connect to cvs server via
> 2401 port. I 've checked out /etc/services file it
> seems OK, cvspserver 2401/tcp and 2401/udp are
> present.

CVS doesn't use UDP.

> There 're users in CVSROOT/passwd.
> When I try too connect from a far workstation by
> typing cvs -d :username@ ... login, the connection is
> refused.

You didn't specify a method for the repository, so it defaults to rsh.
This is probably not what you want.

> What can be wrong?

What does your [x]inetd.conf look like?

Review the manual for details:

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