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RE: Use of CVS for manufacturing software control

From: Steve . Brenne
Subject: RE: Use of CVS for manufacturing software control
Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2001 14:46:09 -0700


     Thanks for your quick reply.

     We manufacture embedded computer boards, systems and various telecom
products.  The software we control is the test software that is used to
test these boards or possibly systems.  Typically this software would be
developed or obtained within our test engineering department.  Our
manufacturing is a low volume high mix environment, so we have a larger
variety of test software.  In some cases the test software is resident on a
host system.  In other cases the product (embedded cpu) might have a hard
drive attached that has the test software.  Before actually testing product
it needs to be determined that the test software is up to date (i.e. latest
version), and when it is determined that it is not test files are brought
up to date.  The test files could encompass executables, scripts, etc that
would vary according to the particular product.   Currently we don't have
plans to support vendors in this manner.  Currently, we are using CVS for
one product family.  In this case the test system is a hosted system where
Linux is being used.  Being a Linux systems we can communicate to it
remotely.  The software is verified using the "cvs status" command in
combination with shell scripts and email to report differences found with
the CVS server.  We are wanting to expand this to use in other OS such as
Windows.  I am not sure what the term MES (Manufacturing Engineering
System?) means.  We are using "Agile" to maintain "BOM" and other
information, and we use other tools such as SAP.


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I'm also in manufacturing (semiconductor). Do you need to control tool
software/recipes or software that communicates with the developed software
you have in cvs?  What do you mean by verify - do you need to just verify
the size and date of the executable or exact text or is it a visual
inspection?  Will vendors have access to do updates?   Can you communicate
with the items (tools, pcs whatever)?  How is cvs used in your
environment now?  What MES do you use?  In order to answer your question,
CVS practical, really depends on exactly what you need.  Please send


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