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Re: cvs and ssh

From: Michal Kostrzewa
Subject: Re: cvs and ssh
Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2001 01:26:49 +0200


> I am using cvs on a windows machine with ssh. Now cvs asks me for the
> password everytime I invoke a cvs command. Is there a possibility to save
> the password somewhere ?

Yes, you can. But if you are using ssh, why bother with passwords, not 
private keys? When using keys, you should generate a keypair, and place a 
public key in right place in your home directory at serwer machine. What OS 
are you using? In *UX it should be ~/.ssh/authorized_keys2 or 
~/.ssh/authorized_keys, or ~/.ssh2/authorization, depending from version of 
ssh daemon. Next place the private key in right place in client machine (in 
*UX it should be ~/.ssh/identity, ~/.ssh2/identification). When do so, it 
should be possible to log from client to serwer *without* any password. If 
it's done, remote cvs should work.
If you really want to password authentication, you can enable .rhosts file 
in sshd configuration, and make such file in you home directory containing 
client-ip   client-login-name
and you should be able to login without a password. It should work, however 
it's not recommended - i was using this method long time ago with rsh.
hope this helps,

Michal Kostrzewa

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