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Re: Patching and Releasing

From: David Taylor
Subject: Re: Patching and Releasing
Date: Mon, 30 Jul 2001 15:13:29 -0700

Eric Siegerman wrote:

> >   Write out a file with a unique name statting the defect and the files
> >     changed
> Might like a good idea.  It wouldn't have to be a different file
> per defect; it could be a single (CVS-controlled) file, something
> like the ChangeLog files in GNU packages.  Rather than writing a
> new file, the program that generated this data could just prepend
> it to the existing change-log file; the CVS commit would take it
> from there.  Downside: if two people worked on different defects
> in parallel, the second one to commit would get a merge conflict
> on the change-log file.
> --

If the CVS logs state the defect (or defect ID), then the Perl script cvs2cl
( ) will give you a GNU-style ChangeLog with
the defect and files changed. This file can be created as part of the
build/release step.


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