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Merge Problems

From: Joel_Brodsky
Subject: Merge Problems
Date: Mon, 6 Aug 2001 11:11:56 -0500

I believe I've discovered a problem with CVS concerning the merge process.

        If code was created on the main branch and subsequently changed, if
that code was set back to it's original value on a branch and then merged
into the main, the change will not come over to the merged code. The merge
goes through like everything is fine (no conflicts), but the code from the
branch does not make it to the merged code.

        I was able to reproduce this with the following steps:

        1. Created a module in the repository
        2. Imported file(s) into the module and created a branch
        3. Checked out the main
        4. Made change to file and commited change to the repository
        5. Checked out branch
        6. Changed file (to ensure the date stamp is later than the file in
main) and commited change to the repository.
        7. Changed file back to it's original value and commited file to
        8. Checked out main (to ensure that I'm working with the current
files from the repository) and performed merge.
        9. Merge goes through fine with no hitches.
        10.Changes from the branch (setting it back to the original value)
does not come through.

        If I set the value in the file (on the branch) to anything but the
original value, the merge produces a conflict.

        We are using version 1.11.1.

        Has anyone else come across this??


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